The program instructor, Linda Fernandez, is both a licensed Physical Therapist and a certified Pilates Instructor.

\"\"Her instructor designation was gained by completing a rigorous BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certification program (2006) with Rael Isakowitz and Polstar Pilates Rehabilitation Certification (2001).

As Rael Isacowitz says in the legacy portion of his website:

\"I believe our name, Body Arts and Science International®, speaks volumes about the course and the organization. We amalgamate the science of human movement with the art that is created when it is done correctly, aesthetically and passionately. We honor the purity of the method and maintain the legacy that was handed down by Joseph Pilates. As such, the entire original repertoire is addressed and all the equipment is studied.\"

\"BASI Pilates stands for excellence, high standards, professionalism and hard work. By adhering rigorously to these concepts, we continue the groundbreaking work of Joseph Pilates and ensure the growth and success of our students, our graduates and of Pilates itself.\"

Each program follows BASI block system and progresses according to your specific needs. We thoroughly evaluate posture and movement, and conduct a sport-specific evaluation and assessment of any imbalances.

Programs are available in attractively priced six and 12-session packages, or in single sessions. Private sessions are recommended for those who have had no previous experience with Pilates to ensure maximum feedback so exercises are performed correctly and safely. Two-person sessions may be arranged with the approval of the instructor after an appropriate level of proficiency is reached.