Program Phases

Phase I: Assisted Movement

Springs are used to aid in proper movement patterns with proper sequencing of the muscles. This guards against faulty movement patterns that can lead to injury, pain, or weakness.

Phase II: Dynamic Stabilization

Your newly acquired mobility or stability is engaged in a way that is more functional and increasingly based on the use of gravity.

Phase III: Functional Re-education

Specificity training and functional re-education help to safely perform ordinary functions or your successful return to desired sport or activity, such as tennis, golf, paddling or dance.

Benefits of a Pilates Program Supervised by a Physical Therapist

  • Improved core strength, allowing controlled rather than restricted spine movement.
  • Increased control over movement that becomes automatic with regular practice.
  • Improved posture and stability.
  • Better balance and coordination using core muscles.
  • Increased bone density and overall circulation.
  • Decreased pain and limitations associated with aging.
  • Improved performance and longevity in a desired sport or activity.