Treatment Approach


Our patients come to us with a wide spectrum of challenges: Sportsrelated injuries, soft-tissue, joint, neck, back and neurological issues, balance, and postural re-alignment, osteoporosis, as well as postoperative, including joint replacement, rehabilitation.


These clients come in all shapes and sizes, and range in age from adolescents to individuals well into their ninth decade. And we make sure no one feels out of place in our welcoming, inclusive environment. It's paramount that it is always understood that we are all in this together, the process of living. To that end, we ensure that we serve a richly diverse clientele across the spectrum of human experience.

Our treatment approach is individually focused on each patient's specific requirements, beginning with an educated intuitive biomechanical analysis to assess the root cause of your problem and to clearly understand the exact limitations and thresholds you can and will tolerate.

A variety of techniques are available. Hands-on procedures, such as joint mobilization and soft-tissue techniques, including strain/counter-strain, are exclusively performed by a Physical Therapist. Passive modalities, such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, hot packs and cold packs, may be used to advance the healing process. Tailored therapeutic exercises and neuromuscular re-education is offered for building strength.

Patient education is a fundamental element of our program. You will learn about the mechanics of your problem, as well as why an injury occurs and how to avoid it. By working with you in your own rehabilitation program, both your motivation and compliance with treatment are dramatically enhanced. Special emphasis is placed on the patient's ability to transfer information from these isolated exercises learned in the clinic and with the home exercise program to functional movement in everyday life and recreational/sports activities.

All these activities take place five days a week in a bright, cheerful and scrupulously maintained setting that promotes a feeling of wellbeing.