Pilates for Rehab

Combining both the traditional building blocks of conventional physical therapy with Pilates-based exercise programs, we offer a uniquely nurturing and educational environment that effectively motivates our clients to reach and exceed their rehabilitation goals.


There is a big difference in teaching Pilates as a form of exercise and using it as a form of therapy and assessment for effective rehabilitation. Principle of Pilates are used in conjunction with proper Physical Therapy techniques.

Rehab and Pilates promote even musculature, emphasizing spinal and pelvic alignment, increased flexibility and agility, strengthening the core muscles so we are able to move the way we are suppose to move to avoid injury. With Pilates exercises we are able to modify the rehab program but still be effective depending on how bad and painful the injury.

Pilates provides a healthy rehabilitative cycle by creating a positive movement experience without pain beginning with small movements, properly integrating muscles in the proper sequence creating correct movement patterns. This enhances confidence of the patient, to move without pain, and to slowly progress by trying another movement.

Pilates apparatus aids in moving correctly while attempting to move without pain and extinguishing painful compensatory patterns while integrating more muscles in the proper sequence.

Pilates mat exercises are given to the patient as a Home Exercise Program to continue their progress with rehab, increasing strength, agility and restoring balance to prevent further injury or reoccurrence.... Getting Back On Track.